Why Live Stream Your Wedding?

Live streaming your wedding is the simplest and cheapest option to include guests who cannot attend your wedding. No matter how big or small your wedding is, there is bound to be relatives and friends who cannot attend your big day.  Especially if you are getting married in 2020 and dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19. Live streaming your wedding is also a great way to record, save, and backup your wedding. In fact, more and more couples are live streaming in light of the corona virus. The good news is that we are all becoming more accustomed to virtually attending events and hanging out with one another, so having your wedding online is becoming more and more normal.

Best part about it all? Live streaming your wedding is essentially free! And easier than you think to do well. If you get cell service or wifi at your wedding venue, you can go live on your big day. Everything you need for it I’ve listed below, you most likely already have or could easily borrow.

If live streaming your wedding or elopement sounds like too much for you, I offer live streaming packages and photography packages that include live streaming! I’d love to take care of including your friends and family in this way, so you can better focus on saying hi and waving to them as you marry the love of your life.