Live Stream Your Hawaiian Wedding!

The Top Live Streaming Wedding Videographers in Hawaii. Weddings can be unpredictable sometimes. But when it comes to live streaming, we plan for everything so that there are no surprises. Sure you could use a webcam or a cell phone, but I’d feel bad for your guests. See THIS POST for more on that topic! But I don’t think you would be looking into this if you didn’t think that the quality we provide would be so much better for your guests watching remotely.

Share your day with those who can’t make the journey…

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Starting at $1200*

Includes all of the following:

Full Frame Camera(s) – The same Cinematic, Top of the Line Cameras we use to shoot all our Weddings. We zoom in close to keep your guests engaged as if they were in the front row. This package includes one camera.

Your Ceremony Streamed in HD to UNLIMITED Guests – From Processional to Recessional. Whether that’s 5 minutes or 85 minutes, our package covers your Ceremony Only, streaming to an UNLIMITED number of guests anywhere in the world. Need additional coverage beyond your Ceremony? No problem! See our “Add-Ons” below!

Pre-Event Day Testing at the Venue in Person – While most companies will “assume” they can live stream from virtually anywhere, we travel** out to your Wedding Venue prior to your Wedding Day and do extensive testing in person to make sure we can. Why leave your big day up to “chance”?

No Ads! – Imagine the couple leans in for the big first kiss and…a car commercial. Yeah, no thank you. While most other companies use a free service that requires ads, we don’t. Our package includes ad-free viewing for your guests.

No Issues with Licensed Music! – Couples don’t often think about this, but licensed music is often a big part of the processional and recessional and the moment YT or FB recognizes a published song in a live stream, that live stream can sometimes be muted or shut down by those platforms, depending on the song or artist’s restrictions. So we test everything and if there’s issues, then our package includes the option to use a paid service so you can use whatever music you envisioned. IF you don’t have music or would rather stream to those sites, no problem! Either way, we’ll make it work!

Crystal Clear Audio – Whether your Ceremony is amplified or not, we got you covered. We have multiple wireless mics to capture everything loud and clear. Need a mic/speaker setup? No problem…see our “Add-ons” for more!

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming – Not everyone watching will have the same internet speed right? Our service provides adaptive bitrate streaming to allow those with mediocre speeds to still watch at a reduced quality while those with a strong signal can watch in crystal clear HD.

Guest Backup – Let’s say your guests have internet trouble from wherever they’re at, or they missed your wedding entirely. Not to worry. We record every live stream so we can post it online immediately following the conclusion of your Ceremony, so your guests can watch it all over again and not miss a thing.

Digital Copy of Your Ceremony (RE-CUT!) – After your Wedding is complete, instead of just giving you a copy of the live stream, we take the original raw footage from our cameras home and completely re-edit your entire Ceremony and do a complete re-mix of the sound as well so everything is JUST RIGHT. We then export this new Digital Master copy of your FULL Ceremony and send it to you to keep forever.

“Optional” Features Included at No Extra:

Countdown Clock until the event goes live.

You create a slideshow (video or photo) and we’ll use it as a Pre-Roll or Post-Roll to the Live Event.

Post Ceremony Thank You! – If you want, we can pull you guys together at the very end to say hi to all those watching.


Additional Live Coverage: $300/hour (post-ceremony) – Our basic package covers your Ceremony from the Processional to Recessional. But let’s say you want us to cover additional formalities or “main events” like a first dance or some toasts. We absolutely can. Talk to us about what you want covered and we’ll discuss ways to cover it live.

Photography: $400/hr (2 hour minimum) – Believe it or not, we are actually a Husband/Wife Video+Photo team! See our FAQ’s below for more on this! Visit this website to see TONS of examples of our photography style/work!

**Yes! We travel! Where is your w

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